Day & Time

School year as of Sept 2018

Bumble Beas (closed competitive group)

Monday 4-6.00pm

Year 5-7

Killer Beas (closed competitive group) 

Monday 6-8pm 


Honey Beas (closed competitive group)

Tuesday 4-6pm

Reception - Year 4

Stinger Beas (closed competitive group)

Ashford Cof E School

Tuesday 6-8pm

Wednesday 3.10-4.10pm 

Year 8-10

Year 3-6


Wednesday 4-5pm

Year 2-6

Flight School

Stanwell Rose 

Wednesday 4-5pm

Wednesday 6-7pm

Competitive teams only

Year 2+


Thursday 4-5pm

Year 1+

Ivy Beas (closed competitive group)

Thursday 5-7pm

Year 5-7

Beas Allstars (closed competitive group)

Thursday 7-9pm

Year 10 +

Buzzy Beas

Rage, Venom, Black Sting

(closed competitive teams)

Friday 4-4:45pm

Friday 7-8pm

Age 3-5



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Trials for our competitive groups are held at the end of each season (July)