Always be punctual Attend every training session

Always have a good warm up Participate to the best of you ability

Take care of your appearance - always be neat Always dress properly for practice

Hair must be tied back, and no hats must be worn during practice


No sweets, gum or snacks when in uniform

No swearing - behave appropriately

Maintain a positive attitude at all times - SMILE!!

Treat each other with respect this includes other squads!!!

Be kind to others - do not gossip

Talk to your coach if you have any problems

And most importantly, ALWAYS HAVE FUN!!

1. APPEARANCE For safety reasons jewellery or watches will not be worn with uniform or at practice this includes Belly Button rings/bars, except for small flat earrings or small stud earrings. Uniforms must be kept spotless at all times. Makeup should be natural and not excessive. All hair styles must be neat and secured up out of the face, not needing attention (combing etc) whilst performing, long hair MUST be in a high ponytail (for safety whilst performing stunts etc). Cheerleaders should look their best at all times, especially when in uniform.

2. CONDUCT Squad members are required to maintain and uphold the reputation of the Spirit Cheerleader through their own conduct and squad spirit. Members are required to be courteous, polite, friendly, and try to have a smile for everybody. All cheers and chants shall be of a positive and sportsmanlike manner. Members will make every attempt to ignore or dissuade negative responses at events and not become involved in such action themselves.

3. ANTI-BULLYING CODE Every squad member has the right to be free from intimidation, both in the squad and in the surrounding community.  The Squad will not accept and will question unkind actions or remarks, even if these were not intended to hurt. Any wounding action or comment will be called bullying and will be dealt with seriously. We are a listening squad.  We all have a duty to report bullying.  Bullying is too important to ignore.

4. FUNDRAISING ACTIVITIES All cheerleaders will participate in as many fund raising projects as they can. The money raised will be used to fund additional agreed expenses during the year such as extra items of kit or equipment. Donations to, and fund raising for, Spirit squad team funds or charity projects may be conducted as agreed by the squad and coaches. All fund raising activities will be approved by the majority of the squad and with the approval of the coaches.

5. ELIGIBILITY A candidate must be physically fit, neatly presented and if under 18yrs old provide written parental permission. A candidate may be male or female and a minimum age of 3yrs. Acceptance of a candidate shall be on the basis of ability, Coaches agreement and acceptance of the squad rules and without prejudice of race, creed or colour.

6. MEMBERSHIP This is open to anyone who meets the eligibility criteria above. Who attends regularly and participates fully in the squads activities. The squad will be divided into appropriate groups depending on age as specified by the USASF as well as ability.

7. ATTENDANCE REQUIREMENT  Competitions – The squad as a whole will decide which competitions to enter but the coach has the final decision (due to attendance and cost). Once a cheerleader agrees to participate in the competition all practices must be attended (including extra ones). Other Performance – From time to time the squad will be asked to take part in fetes, parades and other charitable events. All members are expected to participate in such events, unless holiday or illness prevents them doing so. Social Events – From time to time the squad will arrange social events. All members are encouraged, but not required to attend. Non-attendance notification is required. The Coaches will give reasonable notice of all upcoming events, through engagements lists, word of mouth and separate letters (if necessary).

8. PRACTICE SCHEDULE This will be arranged by the coaches. Training will be held at Christ Church hall, Monday- Fridays 4pm onwards. During competition training or other important events full/extra day training may be required. ALL squad members are required to attend ALL training sessions unless valid reasons are notified to the Coaches in advance.

9. DISCIPLINARY ACTION It shall be squad policy that disciplinary action will only be taken as a last resort, and that every reasonable attempt will be made to avoid situations likely to lead to such action through squad discussion and positive encouragement, by example and by finding ways and means to correct negative trends. A squad member may be suspended from performances/competitions for the following reasons:- Unexcused absence, excessive absence, failure to cooperate with coaches or failure to abide by the squad rules and regulations. A squad member may be dismissed from the squad for the following reasons: - Excessive and Irreconcilable disruptive influence on the squad.